August 2022

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What's With The Angle Of The Dangle?


The issue with the angle of throw of a joystick lever is that players for decades have got used to the short throw that is perfectly suited to digitally controlled games - games that rely on the ON/OFF action of a microswitch.

Analogue control, used in all the standard thumbsticks on controllers, offers an infinite number of "positions" that can be read from the potentiometers as an analogue resistance. This offers far more accuracy and far more accurate control.

Technically a controller with 4 microswitches can only be used to present the same 8 directions and even on boards such as Brook or Hori the switchable D-A conversion can again only offer the same 8 positions.

The Quantumstix controller offers (technically) an infinite number of positions accounting for the distance from the tdc position of the lever to the full on outer edge and the 360 degrees circular control.

The Quantumstix controller also allows this accuracy using an identical lever throw angle as a digital device. It is also the same angle as an original Williams Robotron machine as confirmed by Tony Temple sending a picture of his personal machine's controller.

Check out Tony's website (@arcadeblogger) here:

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